Fragrances and Flavors
automatic dosing

Fragrances and Flavors Automatic Mixing Room with more than
1000 products on line


Main Features

Fragrances and Flavours Dosing and Mixing Room Main Features

  • This Flavors and Fragrances mixing room can work both automatically and manually.

  • It can be very suitable and tailored for both small and large companies.

  • With modified ball valves and a simple small device it is possible to dose and weigh, also manually, drop by drop with very high precision and cleanliness.

  • The weighing and dosing system precision and easiness, even with small pouring, makes it possible and advantageous to have it in line with nitrogen protection also for small products.

  • For instance over 10 weighing independent carts (one is in the picture) with balances of different sizes, from few kg to 1 ton, can simultaneously and automatically work on this line.

  • This means that only one line can cover virtually the entire production.

  • Capacity of the mixing room can be easily doubled by adding a second parallel line, but still using the same storage facility, so that more 20 weighing carts can work simultaneously to obtain up to 15.000/20.000 single automatic pours per 24 hours.

  • Dosing and weighing speed: drop by drop to full pipe flow with valves of different diameter : 1/4" or 1/2" or 3/4" or 1".

  • The dosing precision is very high. The weighting is done a few centimeters below the outlet pipe of the product.

  • Weighing Carts move on wheels, no rails are necessary, and can also be used off-line manually, under the guide of an operator to complete formulas with products not in line.

  • No drops fall on the floor.

  • Cross-contamination is completely prevented.

  • Different working areas could be totally isolated for safety reasons.

  • The storage room ( 28x13x5 h meters for instance) is located behind the optional fireproof wall and can contain more than 1000 containers with 400 mc of a total volume.

  • It is possible to keep the same number of containers in a smaller room of 3,5 meter height (28x14x3,5 for instance) but with a total capacity of 260 mc.

  • Refilling of all 1000 liquid raw materials containers is made fast in a close circle from the upper level and can be done also automatically with few simple devices and without losing any drop (peculiar system).

  • This refilling could be made without production interruption, when containers are totally empty.

  • Filling raw materials and dosing are two independent tasks and can be done at the same time.

  • This system prevents mixing of different raw materials batches for a total traceability purpose and permits continual live-update of inventory.

  • It is just like having 2 containers for each product.

  • The system is modular and it is possible to chose how many products to have on the line.

  • No special building is needed.

  • Small area, only one line for the entire production, simple ball valves, short and straight pipes, normal containers for raw material and a simple and fast construction system (pipes are prepared in the factory, delivered ready to install on the shelves without local welding) greatly reduce the costs.

  • Existing spilling line can be adapted for automatic weighing.

  • As a further developments it is forecast to install on the weighing carts a second small balance (1 or 3 Kg for instance) to directly dose also the small components that are impossible to weight on the main balance as it is not sensitive enough to do it.

This line in the picture, that can have more than 1000 products, is one the main parts of the Fragrances and Flavors automatic dosing and weighing system.

Automatic weighing system