Fragrances and Flavors
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Fragrances and Flavors Automatic Mixing Room with more than
1000 products on line

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Storage of Flavors or Fragrances Raw Materials on Line

The storage should have a reasonable cost and a very high safety degree, because of the nature of the products.

The ideal solution is to have as many containers on line as possible, not only to feed the automatic dosing system, but also to keep under nitrogen the most of the products involved in the process.

Storage area features:

  • All products are protected by nitrogen.

  • Very intensive lay-out to reduce at minimum the room needed and the pipes length.

  • Storage totally isolated from the working area. Fireproof walls can be easily built.

  • No reason to access the storage area, except for extraordinary maintenance.

  • No products pouring may occur inside this room, so leakage of liquid products is impossible.

  • All the containers have to be completely tight.

  • No product vapours are present in the air.

  • Normally, the containers are not moved from the shelves.

  • Enough room to easily remove the containers in case of extraordinary maintenance.

  • Electric power feed is needed for melting or refrigerated products boxes and for lighting only.

  • Easy cleaning of containers without moving containers.

  • Stainless steel containers and pipes. No plastic, or even Teflon pipes are used.

  • Containers are standard industrial ones, not special ones. Most of them are commercially available and made in series.

  • Industrial standard type shelves.

  • Heated shelves for melting and viscous products are installed.

  • The compact storage could have another use: Raw materials, as well as finished or intermediate products can be stored on the same shelves under nitrogen.
    When required, raw materials to resell, finished products that are normally stored and packaged on request, can be manually spilled out using the same dosing line or, better, a second spilling line studied for packaging. In this case there is no pouring and storage in other parts of the factory.

This line in the picture, that can have more than 1000 products, is one the main parts of the Flavours and Fragrances dosing and mixing automation system.

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