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Example of a Flavours or Fragrances Raw Materials Storage Room

For 1000 products on the line, you need a 27 mt. line long.
The building height and width may vary depending on the size of the containers and on the features you want to have.

For instance a complete and optimal solution requires an area of about: 28 x 13 x 5 mt high for storage room + an upper normal second floor for refilling raw materials. This floor can be supported by the shelves themselves.

All of these containers on line can be easily filled up from the top and protected by nitrogen.

In this room (28 x 13 x 5 meters) it is possible for example to stock these containers:
         10 of 6500 lt
         10 of 4000 lt
         60 of 1750 lt
         40 of 850 lt
        160 of 450 lt
        160 of 260 lt
        160 of 125 lt
        200 of 75 lt
        280 of 30 lt
        Total 1080 container with : 400 mc

More than 90% of these containers can dose only by gravity.
In this room one or more shelves can be insulated and heated for melted or viscous products, as well as refrigerated.

As most of the containers pour by gravity, their refilling can be done at the same time while dosing in the mixing room, without production interruption.
For big and more frequently used products, it is suggested to have a double smaller container.
Accepting some limitations, the height of the storage room can be reduced at only 3,5 meters

In this room (28 x 14 x 3,5 meters) it is possible for example to stock these containers:
         20 of 3000 lt
         40 of 850 lt
        120 of 650 lt
        160 of 400 lt
        160 of 125 lt
        200 of 75 lt
        280 of 30 lt
        Total 980 container with : 280 mc

Or for example in the same room:
         20 of 3000 lt
         40 of 850 lt
         30 of 760 lt
        120 of 450 lt
        200 of 235 lt
        160 of 125 lt
        200 of 75 lt
        280 of 30 lt
        Total 1050 container with : 260 mc

These are only some examples, to show how many containers and how many products can be stored in a small room, and of course they are connected to the automatic dosing line and can be refilled automatically from the top.

This line in the picture, that can have more than 1000 products, is one the main parts of the Flavours and Fragrances dosing and mixing automated system.

Perfumes or Aroma dosing automated system