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Fragrances High Capacity Storage Tanks of 20.000/30.000 lt

Very large tanks of 20.000 or 30.000 lt can be easily installed near the main storage.

These tanks can always be under nitrogen pressure for the best quality and connected to the dosing line, but the recharging system is different and from the outside.

These tanks, even if non subjected to Ped (Pressure Equipment Directive) for the low working pressure, are of course more expensive than the normal ones, but the safety and quality is granted and no pump are necessary for dosing.

The refilling of these tanks can be done at any moment without production interruption, also waiting until they are totally empty.

During refilling it is not necessary to eliminate the nitrogen pressure.

This prevents production from stopping and at the same time to have a great saving of nitrogen if the tank is not totally refilled.

The picture below shows an existing installation of this type of storage.

Serbatoi grandi

Perfumes or Aroma dosing automatic system