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Refilling of Fragrances Raw Materials Containers

The loading area of the Flavours or Fragrances Raw Materials is located exactly above the storage area. Two short pipes connect each container to the loading area. One is for downloading the product. The second one is for vent and nitrogen supply .

The loading valve and the three-way vent/nitrogen valve are connected to each other and can be both opened in a single move.
Pipes descend straight through small openings in the floor, that can be easily sealed when the plant is finished.
Main features of the filling area:

  • No special devices that can increase the normal cost.

  • Downloading is done in a closed circle using only flexible pipes.

  • Vapours in the air are negligible.

  • No leakage when special fast couplings are detached from the valves (fool-proof system). Low risk of losing drops even with normal fast couplings.

  • No product can be lost in the vent, even in case of overfilling mistakes.

  • No cross contamination via vent and nitrogen collectors.

  • Complete emptying of drums is granted.

  • No need to move manually heavy weights.

  • No need to move the drums from their original pallet.

  • No forklift, but simple pallet trucks without elevators.

  • No pumps, no motor drives.

  • No vacuum.

  • A simple system allows to change filling drum in seconds without fouling.

  • Multiple (10/20 or more if requested) contemporary automatic downloading of many different raw materials when the below containers are totally empty. The downloading starts automatically.

  • Practically no limits in quantities that is possible to refill in one day.

  • Very simple and low cost system (no engines) could automate the downloading and avoid stopping production during filling.

  • The filling automation is so simple and cheap that could be implemented also without the main dosing automation.

  • No mixing of different raw material batches is possible. It is like having a double container.

  • Inventory live-update.

  • Possible check of the reliability of suppliers if you do not control very well the weight of raw materials purchased.

    Fast downloading. This is not important in most cases. It can be requested only for big tanks.
    It is possible to empty a 200 lt drum in very few minutes without using any pump. Of course the downloading speed (one pallet with four 200 lt drums takes about fifteen minutes) is a bit lower than with a pump, but there are many other advantages:

  • Easy to clean only pipes to avoid cross contamination risks

  • No mobile motors

  • Easy to automate

  • Cleanliness

  • No risk to lose products in the vent in case of mistakes.

  • Pipes and drums are almost dried without introducing air, recovering all the products, while with pumps some product is always lost and avoiding release of drops.

Vacuum or other system of course can be easily used for filling, but with some more problems for costs, quality, safety and productivity.
Vacuum resistant containers are more expensive and makes it impossible to continue the dosing job during the refilling of containers.
Production must be stopped until the container is totally full and it is also impossible to avoid introducing air into the containers.
In order to achieve this result various special simple devices have been developed.
Of course, this loading system is often used in chemisrty, it is not at all new, but are the details and some special features that make it so powerful, fast, clean and safe.

This line in the picture, that can have more than 1000 products, is one the main parts of the Fragrances and Flavours dosing and mixing automation system.

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