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Fragrances and Flavors Automatic Dosing System

The core part of the system is the automatic dosing line.

The innovation of this project is to use (for dosing) normal mechanical ball valves slightly modified, not singularly motorized as usual, with a few of special devices on mobile balances, that are able to grant a very high precision and cleanliness without any crosscontamination.

These are the features of this dosing system:

  • Dosing is made by gravity or under a very low nitrogen pressure.

  • Using simple ball valves without singular motor the line can be very compact.

  • Density of spilling valves: 1 every 25 mm of line.

  • Valves dimension are from 1/4" to 1".

  • The system is modular: 100 products can be added every 2,5 meters of line without increasing automation costs.

  • For 1000 products the line is about 27 meters long.

  • Speed of dosing : drop by drop or with total open pipe.

  • Precision of dosing: few drops depending on the balances.

  • Number of dosing a day: up to 15.000/20.000 depending on the configuration.

  • Time required for instance to complete a composition of 300 kg with 50 components: about 50 minutes. Time recorded basing on the measured averages.

  • Many mobile balances may work simultaneously.

  • These balances have different sizes depending on the target weight.

  • Batch production ranges from few kg to 1000 kg on the same line.

  • Mobile scales move through the line one after the other and stop to collect a pre-determined quantity from a pre-determined valve.

  • Mobile scales move on normal wheels, no rails are necessary.

  • These weighing carts can also be used to manually complete formulas adding products offline (powder for example).

  • If needed, products can be collected from the line manually. For example to refill small containers.

  • This line can work also manually as in the traditional line without automation to prepare complete normal formulas and with a very high precision.

  • The entire job is made almost in a closed cycle.

  • Containers for mixtures are lidded.

  • Products spilling is made at a few millimetres from the top of the containers.

  • Possible vapours are aspirated.

  • Melting and very viscous products are easily dosed like the other liquids.

  • This system can also be expanded to add powders using the same balances and PLC. (Not developed at the moment.)

  • A double line using the same raw materials storage can be easily built if requested.

Further developments:
A second small balance (1 or 3 Kg for instance) could be easily installed in these mobile carts to dose with high precision also the small components that cannot be weighed on the main balance that is not sensitive enough to do it.
This allows to singularly weigh the smallcomponents in the range of maximum accuracy of the balance and so to complete, directly, with a single step, as many possible formulas.
A practical solution has already been studied and designed. This balance is at few centimeters from the dosing pipe.
It seems pretty simple and fits very well in the geometry of the robot.

This line in the picture, that can have more than 1000 products, is one the main parts of the Fragrances and Flavors dosing and mixing automated system.

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