Fragrances and Flavors
automatic dosing

Fragrances and Flavors Automatic Mixing Room with more than
1000 products on line






Flexibility in Construction

Low Construction Cost

Fragrances and Flavors Compounding Quality

Quality is a winning factor for fragrances and flavors compounding.

Preparing fragrances and flavors compounding, given the high number of components, it is very easy to make mistakes or have cross contamination.

This fragrances dosing plant can guarantee a very high quality of compounding as it can boast these strengths:

  • Total traceability and extreme precision because the majority of the products are dosed automatically.

  • Possible weighings with high precision also for small products in one single step while using a second smaller scale on the carts and working for all weighings in the range of maximum accuracy of the scale.

  • Even small products preserved under nitrogen, while normally they remain a long time unprotected.

  • Total separation of the different raw materials batches.

  • Very difficult cross contamination.

  • Cleanliness of pharmaceutical grade.

This line in the picture, that can have more than 1000 products, is one the main parts of the Flavors and Fragrances dosing and mixing automation system.

Fragrances and Flavors compounding Quality