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In this Fragrances and Flavors automatic plant it is not strictly necessary to install liquid level measurement devices as it is possible to have a continuous inventory every time when the containers are totally empty.

But for low rotation products and to know, if it is required, at any time the amount of products in stock, we have found a system to measure the liquid levels very simple, cheap, fast, safe, clean and precise.

This system of measurement is very easy to apply to any form of containers and tanks and it is now being implemented in one factory.
It is working very well.

Install 1000 liquid level measurement devices may present significant cost and complexity and safety problems.

The proposed system uses a single low cost portable and mobile device that can be used for measuring the liquid level in all the 1000 containers of every shape and dimension.

Some special arrangements must be made on containers, but they are very simple and low cost.
These arrangements are recommended, but not necessary for spot control.
For new containers the additional cost could be in the tens of Euros each.

Measurement of the level can be made both from the top or from the sides of containers and even if they are completely filled or empty.

Measurements take less than one minute for each container.

The precision is not that different from the one taken with a balance. With full drums of 200 lt it could be about 0,1%.

The level data are directly transmitted to computer where the weight of the products appears immediately.

No special calibration is necessary unless small corrections are needed to the different nature of the products and their current temperature. The computer does this job.

As in this project there are free spaces and easy accesibility to containers, a fast and very precise inventory with more than 1000 containers is easy to do.

You can simultaneously use two or three or even more of these very cheap electronic devices and collect wireless all the data in only one simple Pocket Pc.
Each mobile and portable device has its page and can drive the Pc.

A simple software has been developed by us modifying an available free one.

This level measurement system is so versatile and precise that can be easily used also for other determinations.

For example it can be used to determine the weight of drums of any shape of raw materials while the quality control is taking the samples. Especially when there are no available balances or if you do not want to move heavy weights.

Only one problem: the portable mobile electronic device is not available at the time with Ex electrical protection.
The electrical protection is only IP 54. In any case, for no low flash point products, the risk is negligible.
The device could make the level measurements even at 40/50 cm far from the containers as well as farther and could be completely enveloped by a sealed plastic bag. It works with the same precision.

For other informations on this system see also the Site:

Serbatoi piccli

Example of the containers on the shelves where the liquid level measurements are made.

Liquid Level Measurement