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Fragrances and Flavors Semi Automatic Drum Filling

2 semi automatic station of drum filling from big Tanks have been recently projected and are already working in a factory of raw materials for flavours and fragrances.

50,100, 200 lt drums can be filled directly on the pallet as well as 1000 lt containers.

A special not flexible and rotating balanced arm has been installed.

A double filtration system has been added. A simple pre-filter to 25 microns and a second more complex up to 2 microns if requested.

Capacity of the semi automatic drum filling: more than 10 m3 / h

The control of weigh is totally automatic.

The people have only to easily and effortlessly move the balanced not flexible rotating arm.

Precision of the semi automatic drum filling: Best of the sensibility division of the balance ( 100 gr).

This semi automatic drum filling system is optimized for high-volume production, but it is so versatile and it has so many setting options, that with some modifications (balances for instance) it can also be used to package small containers quickly and accurately as little as 10 and 25 kg.

This project of semi automatic drum filling is quite original and different from any other plants available in the market. It was made assembling parts of different origins.

It has a high capacity and it is quite simple and affordable.

125 drums of one batch of 25.000 lt can be filled and moved in about 3 hours by 2 people, including in this time the sealing and labelling of drums. No need to manually move heavy weights.

For dangerous products an aspiration pipe can be easily added and fixed to the arm. It is possible to buy the arm also with aspiration pipe specifically designed.

Balance and control for automation is made by Mettler.

This line in the picture, that can have more than 1000 products, is one the main parts of the Fragrances and Flavours dosing and mixing automation system.

Fragrances Semi Automatic Drum Filling