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Fragrances and Flavours Dosing Cluster

Usual Clusters for Flavors and Fragrances major products are not necessary under this project, because batches, which weight ranges few kilos up to 1000 kg, can be produced on the same line.

If needed, it is possible to build very compact Dosing Clusters with 60/78 big valves following the same compact design philosophy.

For example 72 valves, 12 of which of 1 1/2", 12 valves of 3/4" and 48 valves of 1" can be set in an area of 1 x 0,75 m with automatic dosing.

It is also possible, for instance, to put 50 valves of 2" in the almost same room ( 1m x 1m).

This Fragrances and Flavors Dosing Cluster allows also manual spilling, not only for filling small containers or bottles but also for dosing complete formulas.

This line in the picture, that can have more than 1000 products, is one the main parts of the Fragrances and Flavours dosing and mixing automated system.

Perfumes or Aroma dosing automation