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Fragrances and Flavors Cleaning System

It is critical to avoid cross contamination in flavors and fragrances preparation.

Sanitize and deodorize working equipment is not always easy to do.

The first trick is to minimize the tools to be cleaned.

For the downloading area the only objects to be cleaned are the filling devices with hoses.

A perfect and easy cleaning can be done with hot steam and drying with compressed air.

A very cheap system could be made by a simple empty drum/container that works exactly like the loading of raw materials.

5 or as many objects as you want to sanitize and dry simultaneously are connected to the container. This cycle can take a very short time.

For special heavy resistant products a second or third drum could be built.

If you want to save energy, all could be easily automated. The vent can be collected and the vapors condensed. Final steam and air have no smell.

No solvent is needed to clean even with the most difficult products.

This line in the picture, that can have more than 1000 products, is one the main parts of the Flavours and Fragrances dosing and mixing automation system.

Perfumes or Aroma Cleaning System