Fragrances and Flavors
automatic dosing

Fragrances and Flavors Automatic Mixing Room with more than
1000 products on line

Author of this Automatic Dosing Project

Dr Fulvio Clemente Barni

Former manager, currently retired, still active as Chemical Consultant.

For many years Technical Manager in the Italian Givaudan subsidiary in Milan, where he made most of his working career, in positions of growing responsibility.

Long experience in research of chemical synthesis, chemical plant engineering and construction, production, quality, safety, environmental protection.

Lately production manager at Enervit, an Italian Pharmaceutical-Food Integrator company.

Last most important projects realized:

  • A complete granulation plant from milling to packaging for a very difficult product that easily melts. Capacity up to 8 tons per day.

  • An high-capacity complete plant to produce dietetic /sports bars by extrusion and cooling bars with liquid nitrogen to allow easy packing.

  • Project of an highly automated fragrances mixing room with 700 products on the automatic dosing line.

  • Project of Short Path distillers.

  • Project of complete revamping of plant working essential oils.

Developer and Manufacturer of the automatic weighing carts

Dr Ing Filippo Morandi

Factory located in Milan.

This line in the picture, that can have more than 1000 products, is one the main parts of the Fragrances and Flavors automatic dosing system.

Automatic dosing system